Juicy Gossip: Nkiru Sylvanus set to wed Oge Okoye’s ex-husband, Stanley Duru


nkiru 2 nkiru

Light skinned versus light skinned wars.. lol. So, Nkiru is set to marry Stanley Duru, Oge Okoye’s ex-husband and father of her two kids.

According to our sources Stanley was first Nkiru’s boyfriend but while they were having issues he met Oge, who got pregnant for him which led to them engaging in some kind of family introduction. Well Oge and Stanley are no longer together and now he’s back in Nkiru’s lif (so dirty). They were supposed to get married this past Saturday Dec. 27th but sources close to Nkiru say it didn’t happen and the date was pushed to sometime early 2015. Nkiru will eventually release a press statement to address the drama.
We hear that Oge is furious about this, but then again who wouldn’t be.


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