Jude Okoye Narrates “Sad Story” With the P-Square Brothers

peter okoye vs jude okoye

A sad sad situation with the Okoye brother’s, Jude Okoye narrates. It would be safe to say, the one time powerful duo, P-Square, would not be getting back together.

“There is not humanly possible that I have not done to bring P-Square back together.” These were Jude’s words to Tunde Ednut during a one hour interview on Instagram live.


The P-Square saga is one which remains a mystery to the fans. With several hit tunes from the defunct duo, P-Square were on the lips of almost every Nigerian both young and old.

Jude explains that Peter (now Mr P) wanted him out of the group. Paul (now Rudeboy) on the other hand, rejected Peter’s request and asked for tangible reasons why they should do so.

But since Paul refused to agree with Peter, the latter had to be punished, Jude says.


Shocking revelations made by the big brother himself. He narrates how Peter has broken up the group several times before it became public.

He also said he had resigned from being their manager so many times until it became permanent.

Jude on several occasions had asked Peter what the problem was but he kept saying nothing.

He pleaded with Peter saying if there is anything that he (Jude) had in his possession that belonged to Peter, he should mention so that he can return it and live in peace.

For a fact, if the P-Square parents were alive, they would not pardon the squabble between the brothers, Jude agreed with Tunde.


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