Joey Akan Makes Shocking Revelation About M.I, Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince’s Deal with Chocolate City

It’s another wonderful Friday and at this point in time we should all know that in the music industry there are usually new happenings on Friday. It is usually a day to discover the latest songs and while Love, Damini is on our minds; Nigerian writer and journalist Joey Akan has taken to Twitter to make a shocking revelation about the deal that the OG Choc Boys made with their then label; Chocolate City.

Typically when a label offers a contract to an act, it is expected that the act themselves have legal advisory. However, as has now been revealed by Joey Akan, who interviewed Jesse Jagz for his ‘Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast‘; M.I, Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz had no lawyer at the time they were signed to Chocolate City.

Furthermore, Joey revealed that the person who drafted, reviewed and gave them the contracts to sign as their legal representative at the time was none other than Audu Maikori who was the Chief Executive Officer at Chocolate City while the contract was being signed.

See Joey Akan’s Tweet on the Matter Below:

All this grammar is of course according to Joey and his Jesse Jagz interview, there has been no confirmation nor denial from the label as to the story but we’ll keep you updated if anything comes up.


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