Jaywon Requests Buying Out His Contract With Kennis Music



There have been rumors of Jaywon leaving Kennis Music, but there was no official word on the situation.

Here is what was sent to us from Kennis Music:

Iledare Oluwajuwonlo James aka Jaywon has written a letter via his lawyer requesting for his contract with Kennis Music to be terminated.

JAYWON wrote,in the same letter, his readiness and willingness to pay off all costs therein accordingly.

Meanwhile, Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria IBAN MEMBERS and all broadcasters on all platforms are hereby advised to Un-list the works (Either single performances or and collaborations) of Iledare Oluwajuwonlo James aka Jaywon from their respective rotational play lists until his (Jaywon) request to buy over his contract is fully completed to avoid litigation.

Public Affairs Unit
Kennis Communications.

cc. Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria BON

Looks like Kennis Music is playing hard ball, but it’s all fair game when you have your name signed on the paper.


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