Jay Z’s Next Album Will Be A Response To Beyonce’s Lemonadee

beyonce and jay z

If you didn’t think this power couple were manipulating their fan into buying more music then now it’s known to all who want to know. Jay Z and Beyonce are about to cash in even more bread once Jigga’s next album drops.

According to reports, Jay Z is working on his next album which will be a response to all the “accusation” laid at his feet from the Beyonce’s Lemonade album. The album has numerous cuts pointing the finger at Jay for cheating, and not being loyal. So much so that Jay’s alleged mistress, Rachel Roy, got swarmed by fans on social media when Lemonade dropped. Yep! It was that deep.

Of course neither Jay nor Bey have confirmed any of the stories floating around, and we don’t think they will. By the time Jay’s album drops though, we’ll probably get a bit more insight into their relationship.


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