Jaguda.com Launches Online Music Store – TheStore


The popular Nigerian entertainment website, Jaguda.com is proud to announce the launch of its online music store, The Store; as a unique, user-friendly platform that serves as a digital marketplace for both artists and music fans worldwide.

The Store is the brainchild of the executives of Jaguda.com who sought to answer the increasing demands by artists, and music fans for an online music store with a user-friendly platform, unique customizable features and easy access to music by the international fans. It can be accessed by visiting thestore.jaguda.com, and has an easy to navigate platform, which allows music fans all over the world to support their favorite African artist by purchasing their music stress-free, with just three easy steps – Browse, Select, and Pay. Payment methods currently being accepted include Paypal and Google Pay. Other available site features range from categorizing albums by genre and artist names for quick searches and navigation, enhanced visuals/audio capabilities, audio samples/previews before purchase amongst others.

From a promotional/marketing standpoint, The Store offers artists and their record labels the platform to not only sell their music digitally to the more than fifty thousand people who visit Jaguda daily, but also provides customized promotional/marketing opportunities through on-site advertisement, artist page customization, limited sales period as incentive for fans, detailed album sales report on a daily, weekly or quarterly basis, as required by artist management, and a wide range other negotiable services to help promote the artist, their music and brand as a whole. Speaking on behalf of the executives of Jaguda, Arinze Obikili shared his excitement on the launch of The Store, and how great an opportunity it is for both artists and fans – “We’ve worked hard on putting this together, and are glad to finally be launching it. It is our little way of supporting the growing African/Nigerian music industry, and providing artists and fans something they’ve been asking for.”

Established in 2009 as a social site to keep people informed and up to date by utilizing credible sources across the web and offline, Jaguda has grown to become one of the major entertainment/lifestyle/news sites both in Nigeria and Africa with 50K+ views daily, 12K+ Facebook fans, and 9K+ Twitter followers.

The Store is part of the overall plan by the team to continue to grow and expand the Jaguda brand. Please visit The Store at thestore.jaguda.com and for more information about The Store, and a sign-up kit on how to get your album featured, please contact:



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