J. Cole Reveals Why He’s Retiring Comfortably Ahead Of Final Album


J. Cole released his long-awaited studio album The Off-Season in May this year, and back then, he said it was the beginning of the end. There are songs that J. Cole has been hoarding for years, including “Middle Child,” which he said was written for his final album, The Fall Off, release date to be announced. However, he decided to release it as a single in 2019 after questioning holding onto it for so long. Similarly, J. Cole has committed to producing his best work yet in the final moments of his career.

In his documentary titled Applying Pressure: The Off-Season, J. Cole says he has come to accept the possibility of retiring now that it’s looking a bit more realistic. His endeavor has taken a lot of refocusing, realigning, and taking back control of his time, and he is finally at a place where he would be content with not making music anymore.

“Now that the possibility of not doing this sh*t seems real and I’m at peace with that, don’t have a regret,” Cole said in the documentary.


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