Actress Dami Alabi view about Nollywood Sexual Harrasment

0 Caught up with Actress Dami Alabi for  an Interview..

Hello Dami!!

How would you describe yourself?
I’m pretty easy going but I like having fun, I would say I have a fun personality and I like making friends. I have a great sense of humor and I try to find the happy part of every situation.

When did you start to act professionally?
I started acting in 2008 when I got to act in one scene in a movie called Rescue Me starring Clem Ohameze and Steph Nora Okeke. It was directed by Fidelis Duker and that one experience cemented my love for acting and film-making.


How many films have you appeared in?
I have done quite a few, Rescue Me, The Rubicon, What A Mess, What a Shame, Dilemma, Girl’s Problem, Catch me If You Can, Wannabe etc and I have also produced some of these.

In your entire life, who’s the rudest celebrity you’ve ever met or worked with and why?
I’m not going to mention any names although I must confess that no one has been rude to me in particular but Ive worked with some people who were rude to the crew or some other people on set.

You have your first film that you produced ‘The Rubicon’. What was the experience like?
It was very overwhelming, its not an experience in a hurry and although I have produced other films after that however I would never forget the production of Rubicon in a hurry. It was a massive learning curve for me, made easier by the director of the movie, Chucks Mordi. It was amazing and I am glad for all I learned from it.


If you were not an filmmaker and a writer, what else would you have loved to do and why?
I don’t think I would love to do anything else. I studied law in Middlesex University and I worked in that industry for several years but when the opportunity came for me to start my acting career I took it up with both hands and I know this is what I love, this is what I live for. Apart from film making I also host radio and TV shows. I used to present a show called Dats Wazzup on Naija FM London.

What do you like doing when you are not doing anything to do with the media, arts and entertainment?
I read, I read a lot of novels, no electronic books for me, I love holding a nice new novel in my hands. I listen to music although I have the habit of deleting a song that I am tired of so I do not have a large music library like most people do. I love being on the internet too, I would rather watch TV series on the web than on television

What makes you laugh?
Most things make me laugh. The oddest things make me laugh. I usually find something funny in things normal people don’t, not to say I’m not normal. I like sarcastic jokes and I like dry jokes, where the person making it has a straight face.

Do you like music?
I love music, I don’t have a certain type of music that I listen to, today you might find me listening to Lana Del Ray all day and tomorrow I would have Wizkid on reply

Who’s music do you relate to among the Nigerian artistes and why?
I love Wande Coal always, i love Wizkid and Olamide. I always listening to these artistes.

How do you feel about the issue that young aspiring actresses who strive to break-through the movie industry indulge in sexual relationship with directors and producers?
I believe there is harassment in most occupations, even some church workers have experienced sexual harassment in the church they work. So, Nollywood is not unique about this. However, more needs to be done to protect actors who may experience this. They should be taught that they don’t have to do what they don’t want to do in order to have a career in Nollywood

What is your view on Nollywood movies?
Nollywood is definitely in a better state now, producers and directors are making better quality films, and more money is being used to produce film so Nollywood can only go up from here.

Do you have a list of actors and actresses you wish to star with in a movie? If yes, who are they?.
Oh yes definitely, I’d love to act with the greats, Omotola, Genevieve, Rita Dominic, Ramsey Noah, Joke Jacobs etc

What do you hope to achieve before you clock 40?
I hope to have my own tv station, thats a great achievement and women are not limiting themselves this days what with Ebony Life TV owned by Mo Abudu and Rave TV owned by Agatha Amata not to talk of Oprah Winfrey who also owns her own Tv station

Are you a football fan, if yes, which team do you support?
Noooo, I’m not a footie fan! No way although I occasionally support Arsenal and if I stumble on a Nigerian match I might stay and watch with others but I’m not a football person

Many UK residents believe that to break into the media, arts and entertainment industry in Nigeria, one needs to go back home. What is your own opinion on this?
I agree to an extent because Nollywood was born in Nigeria and they light years ahead of any other nollywood industry that’s coming out of other countries so to an extent its true. However, like I did with Rubicon, you can bring that nollywood experience and work with it in any country you chose,

What are people’s misconceptions of you?
Some people who later became friends with me have told me they thought I was a snob when they first met me. Thats a great misconception that’s always dispelled immediately they get talking to me. I love meeting new people and making friends and not at all a snob.

What’s your career as an actress taught you?
My career has thought me to be even more liberal than ever, to be totally non-judgmental, I take people as they are and I don’t let anything shock me. I believe in Live and Let Live. Its great being an actress

If you were ask to give advice to young aspiring actresses, What would it be?
I would say stay focused and determined, with a large dose of patience and perseverance, nothing good comes easy.A passion for the craft is a necessity or people will see straight through you

What is the future like for you?
I believe its bright. I am very determined and focused and I don’t let anything deter me.

Thank you for granting us this interview..


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