“In a civilized country Obasonjo would be in jail by now” — Samklef

Nigerian music producer and singer, Samklef !

It would seem that the lockdown period has given Nigerian music producer Samklef, the time to ponder on the current Nigerian situation and it’s past leader, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Samklef has called out the former Nigerian leader saying if Nigeria was a developed country, Obasanjo should be in jail by now.

He questioned why citizens kept praising the former leader for privatising the telecommunication sector when he sold one of the most expensive licence.

The producer also said it was not an achievement to bring GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) to the country and not constant electricity.

“Obasonjo did not bring GSM to Nigeria. It was a private sector initiative. Obasonjo sold the most expensive license ever recorded in the world. U people need to wise up and stop giving Credit to this men of no vision,” he wrote on twitter as he also posted a video.

He also listed a couple of things Olusegun Obasanjo should be tried for during his tenure as president.

“Obasonjo wey be wan do third term if not for pressure any youths wey say baba iyabo no best president no know history that youth Na slave.

“Go and look @ even his home town Ota look like Shrine.. obasonjo did nothing for naija stop praising him.

“We need to ask obasonjo what he did with the money that was supposed to give Nigeria 24 hours light now that he is still alive.

“Part 3. We are still practicing army arrangement democrazy which was created by obasonjo and that is the Template likes of buhari are using. Dey don buy 90 % Nigeria media. But can’t buy social MediA.” the music producer kept on ranting.

Watch video below;


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