I’m Now Born-again And I Have Seen The Light – Weird MC


One of Nigeria’s first breed of female rappers,  Shola Idowu, may have been off the music scene for a long time nevertheless a lot of changes has also transpired too with the ‘Ijoya’ crooner.

Sunday Scoop caught up with the femcee were she talked about a few things and what’s been happening around her.

The female rapper who has an eccentric dress sense revealed that something special has happened to her at this point of her life. Weird MC mentioned that she is still very open to love and would cherish having children any time soon.

“Right now, I am open to love, the love of God. All I would say is that everything would happen as he wills. Regarding having children, I came through someone, so someone has to come through me. I love kids a lot. I would love to have two. Growing up, there were six of us in the family, three boys and three girls; I do not know what the will of God is but I would love to have two children, a boy and a girl.”

Weird MC did not hesitate to talk about her new love for God and his work. The 47-year-old rapper affirmed that she is now born-again and it’s all about God and His purpose for her life.

“The appeal people have for me or the music I used to do take second place to God. If I feel overly concerned about the appeal, then the question would be who am I worshipping, my career or God. God created music as an engagement tool and the main reason music was created was for it to be used to worship Him.”

She also stated that her music now would be channeled to honour God.

“I would always use myself as a vessel of honour unto God. He has given me an assignment and it takes precedence over everything, so when you see me on stage, I am not only entertaining you but I would be ministering and teaching as well. I am engaging culture, I listen to a lot of the contemporary Christian songs and I see what they are doing. It does not change anything. God created the music.”



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