Idibia Saga: Annie’s brother demands apology for calling their mother a ‘witch’


Annie Idibia’s brother Macaulay, has demanded a public apology from 2Baba’s brother, Charles Idibia.

Charles accused Annie and her mother of being ‘diabolical‘ in a series of comments.

The Idibia family have been in the news for some days now. Annie accused her husband 2Baba of cheating.

While 2Baba has kept mum, his younger brother has been dragging his in-laws in the mud.

Meanwhile, Mr Macaulay released a statement via his Instagram account.

“Charles Idibia @charlybrave it is not a very wise decision to involve in marital issues you can only go so far. If you claim you love your brother truly I don’t think you will be the one speaking in his place.

“Because of my respect to the entire Idibia Famiily I have been watching and trying to reason with your Mom and Steve your eldest brother. Remember no one is perfect including you and I. You should let d couple settle their fight.

“Charles you are the youngest of the Idibias, you had the audacity to mention my late Father, called my Mother all sort of evil names and that’s the last thing I would take from the Idibia family.

“You should ask your brother if 20years ago when he came to our house at mobil court VI if my mom poisoned him. Why would you call my MOTHER a witch??????? What is her problem with what is happening??

“That’s an elderly person do u understand the impact?? The damage?? It’s obvious you don’t even regard yourself and have to no one to advice you. You are even bringing up yourself personal issues.

“Be wise and learn to respect your elders! Apologize and clear the air now!!!!!,” the statement read.

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