“I would never defend a fraudster”; Emma Nyra on Hushpuppi


Emma Nyra has publicly apologised to her fans for “seemingly” making statements that defend Hushpuppi, an Instagram sensation who has been arrested for alleged cybercrime.

Emma who received numerous backlash from fans, had to defend herself. She also shed more light on what she actually meant.

She responded in a series of tweets saying; “I agree with you wholeheartedly! Just tired of reading about it. That’s what I said. I never defended him at all.

“Exactly!!! Now everybody wants to laugh at him. I was simply stating that I’m tired of reading about it honestly.

“God bless you that’s exactly what I meant! I would never defend a fraudster.”

She went on to explain that Hushpuppi’s actions would place Nigerian in bad light. Narrating how her father migrated to America for an honest living, Emma says she would never defend a fraudster.

“Men like my father who migrated to america to seek honest work as a pharmacist will now be labeled in the same box as hushpuppi because he’s Nigerian. That’s what I meant by his arrest is bad news because when I see him on the news in america all they say is Nigeria over & over.

“I genuinely apologize if I offended anyone. I never meant to do that. I simply meant that I’m tired of reading about it. Justice will be served when it comes to his case and understand that I would never defend his actions at all. I actually never did,” she said.

See tweets below.


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