“I Have Feelings For So Many People Right Now, But Those People May Not Have The Same Feelings For Me”- Sean Tizzle


The award winning and mind blowing artiste Morinhafen Oluwaseun AKA Sean Tizzle signed under Difference Entertainment stormed the Nigerian music scene with 2 singles titled “Boogie Down” and “Sho Lee”, produced by platinum hit music producer “D’tunes”. The 2 new singles however, gained massive acceptance from the music loving public in no time. In a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune, Sean Tizzle talked about his private life, Intimate life,  struggle and controversies. Enjoy the interview below

Is Sean Tizzle off the dating market right now?

No, I’m not dating anyone right now because I have to get ahead. I’m still not yet where I need to be in my career.

But where do you need to be before you go into a relationship?

I need to be 95 per cent closer to the path that I have chosen for myself, no more worries financially and emotionally. If I am going into a relationship, I must be able to give her 100 per cent of my time. If I had to be at so many places at a time, she would pack her things and leave me.

So, you are saying you have no time for ladies right now?

No, that’s not what I mean. There are not too many strong women out there who can stick around so long with a man. There are also some women who would believe that since I’m an entertainer, there would be lots of women swarmming around me. A lot of times, the lady in question would feel insecure, and insecurity messes up a relationship most times. She would call to ask ‘where are you?’ And If I tell her I’m at the studio right now and can’t talk to her, it would become a problem. She would always get upset. So, let me focus on my career now, and as time goes on, I can focus on other things

Are you saying you don’t have feelings for anybody right now?

I have feelings for so many people right now, but those people may not have the same feelings for me. So, I have to approach it smartly, and from a distance, I would get to know who loves me and who doesn’t.


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