“I have a point to prove”; DJ Cuppy Speaks on Upcoming Album

dj cuppy arsenal

Dj Cuppy has said she has a point to prove with her upcoming album in sight.

The billionaire child says her album is all about f*cking good music as she revealed she featured over 13 acts on the album; acts who feel she’s not that bad.

“My album is just about f*cking great music. I think with this one… my last record was gelato and honestly, I can’t lie, I have a point to prove.

“like I don’t want people to not get it twisted. Not because I’m a fun person doesn’t mean I’m not a credible musician and this is me saying Yo, I haven’t been doing this for years for fun, I actually have art not create and I cannot wait for this album.

“It has 13 different artistes on it. So that’s thirteen different people that actually f*ck with me and think I’m not that bad,” she said.

Watch Dj Cuppy speak about her upcoming album.


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