I didn’t even step foot into Canada — DJ Switch


DJ Switch has clarified that she never sought asylum into Canada as public opinion would have.

During the #EndSARS protest, DJ Switch was present during the Lekki shooting. Soldiers had arrived at the protest ground and fired shots at protesters.

Many lost their lives but the federal government have continued to deny it.

However, DJ Switch captured the incident on InstaLive. At that time, rumors made the rounds that security forces were after her and so she sought for asylum in Canada.

She has come out to make it clear that the rumors are false.

“But let me say this… news outlets and bloggers, I know traffic is the game but when you don’t really investigate properly and run with things that you don’t know for sure or have verified, you sincerely hurt and, in some cases, cause serious complications for people in ‘real life’. 

“I’ve been cooked up in a house for months. I never got asylum in Canada. I didn’t even step foot into Canada. I didn’t even speak to anyone who claimed they spoke to me on the issue. Anyways, I will leave it there. By the way, it is now that I am traveling… and not to Canada! Love!,” she wrote.


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