I Did Not Send my Mother-in-Law Packing – Joseph Yobo


A few weeks ago, there were reports that made its way online that the super eagles captain, Joseph Yobo, who is married to Adaeze Igwe, had sent his mother in law out of the house after numerous arguments.

Well he’s not taking too0 kindly to those reports as he can categorically stated that no such thing happened and is threatening to sue those who put that information out.

In an interview he stated that ”There’s is no iota of truth in the report that has gained grounds of recent. There was no encounter of the such that was described to have happened between my mother-in-law and I’. We as a family are in the best of place in our lives currently. Someone from some place, just sat down and decided to construct a lie: a total fabrication from their own imagination.”

He further stated “I love my wife and I love her very much, nothing anyone does can bring any division between us and between our families. The Yobos & the Fashanus have a great relationship, a fantastic one at that and very good mutual respect for each other, and we thank God for that.

The defender currently plays for the Turkish giant Fenerbahce FC.

Source: maestromedia.blogspot.com


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