“I Cannot Cancel My Show Because Of Election”- Basketmouth

Basket mouth

Basket mouth’s fans attack him Shortly after he posted a picture of his annual UK Valentine’s Day show which is same day as the upcoming February 14, 2015 presidential election. His fans blasted him up saying it’s wrong for him to be absent during the forthcoming general election.

The further stated that being the role model that he is, he should perform his civic duties. In response to this, basket mouth in an interview with Saturday Beats said that he cannot cancel his show because of election and cancelling it will make him loose millions of naira. Read his statement below

“Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it because everything is ready and I have to go on with my show. The people talking about it apparently do not know that it is a franchise that has been on for about six years. I cannot cancel the show because of elections. If about thirty people that are probably in London and would not vote comment on my page; that does not mean that my whole fans are upset with me. Truth be told, if they are talking about fans’ comments, I would like to see about three million comments from different people to show that they are unhappy. If you check well, those people that are commenting are not in the country. They are probably somewhere trying to get their permanent resident permits. I have no reason not to vote; I am a proud Nigerian,”


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