“I Am Comfortable Living Without A Wife”- Alabi Pasuma Wonder


Chronic Bachelor and Fuji artiste Pasuma who is in his late 40’s or early 50’s in an interview with Encomium Magazine, declared that he is ready to remain without a wife and he would not allow anyone force him to do what he does not want to do. He said

“I am comfortable.  I think anything you do in this life, you just have to believe in yourself first.  At the same time, if I am not ready to do anything, nobody can force me to do it.  By now, I believe people should allow me live my life, they should just wait, it is my life.  They should just leave me alone on that, I have the right to live whichever life that pleases me.  I am comfortable living without a wife but I can’t shy away from the fact that I need someone to call my wife under my roof.  I know quite alright that it’s better for me to have a wife which I will still do, but people should just wait, get their fingers crossed and let me choose for myself”

Pasuma who has kids Additionally stated that his mother cannot force him to get married.

“She doesn’t have a choice but she understands me better.  Just like I said, people should just allow me live my life. I know what is good for me and nobody can dictate to me how to live my life”


Two months ago, speaking to Punch,  Pasuma admitted that he is in a serious relationship with a lady he met in a shopping mall in Dubai, which he also narrated how he met her and how they might take it to the next level.

Read how he described their relationship below

‘‘I am in a relationship right now but we have not tied the knot. I am in a very serious relationship and I have found love. I met my girlfriend in a mall in Dubai. She was with a friend who knew me and greeted me, so she followed suit. She did not really know who I was then but her friend was a huge fan. Because she did not know who Pasuma was, I was curious to know more about her. God has already blessed our union and I pray that people would also give us their blessings and not destroy it”


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