“I Am A Sexual Outlaw “- Denrele Edun


In an interview with Hip TV, the controversial media personality Denrele Edun whose sexual orientation has been judged over the years has finally revealed his sexuality although leaving us in confusion. He said

So what about my sexuality? What about it? I have been labeled bi-sexual, heterosexual, asexual, pseudo-sexual, sexual-sexual, homosexual, hip-sexual, new-sexual and all of that. I just narrow it down to two words- I am a sexual outlaw. Take it or take it”

“I don’t think I have really come out to say that I am…I have not claimed to be any; I have not claimed any preference of any sort”

Talking about getting marriage and making public his spouse he said:

“I think I will like to have a wedding where it will be a carnival, and everyone will come. I am not going to do invites and all that stuff. I will just do billboards everywhere and invite everyone. There will be no VIPs ‘cos I don’t believe in all that VIP crap. Everyone will be a VIP that dayI will not disclose or reveal the identity of the person. I do not want to put that person through that media brouhaha and chachanda. I am going to wrap the person up like a mummy. Yes and it is only when we are about to kiss that I will open the mouth, and close it back”


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