Human beings need “slap”; Vectors stands with Ahmed Isah of Brekete Radio


Ahmed Isah an OAP with Brekete Radio, has been trending for assaulting one of the interviewees.

The human rights station, listened to a case of a woman who tied up a little child, poured kerosene on her and set her ablaze. According to the lady, she claimed the child was a witch.

What will amuse viewers was the slap the OAP dealt the lady. It was obvious he was angry.

However, there has been an uproar on social media calling for his head. Many have pondered why a human rights journalist should violate human right laws.

Vector, a Nigerian rapper, supported the OAP saying “human beings need slap.”

“But we all know human beings need “slap” sometimes right?

“If na Demond dem light una go say na human right abuse?

“Some people deserve mending period.

“Apologies later but in the moment, collect make you for remember say you collect when you do rubbish since you no get sense.”


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