How Yemi Alade And Her Team Escaped Death In London


Johnny Crooner Yemi Alade escaped death in London today Friday 28 August 2015.

The award winning Songstress is in Wembley for a show and she revealed on her Instagram handle how she narrowly escaped death and fortunately for all of them, nobody was hurt by the fire.

Find her words below

Yemi Alade #3 things I grabbed when the fire alarm went off. I thought it was prank but I was frigging scared!!! I knew better than to start parking up my cloths!


I thought I was dreaming!!!! But I knew I had to leave immediately..
I def picked up my phone, my bible and my iconic invanity performance outfit!!! Thinking about it now….I picked the things I loved…

1. Phone: to sha call if I needed to
2. My bible: cos I was so scared
3. My iconicinvanity: becos I wasn’t going to loose the most artistic and expensive piceces I have ever acquired or perform at Wembley tonight in anything less luxurious. We are fine now sha.”



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