How The Internet Reacted To Tiwa Savage’s Bombshell Interview 


If you’ve under a rock for the last 48 hours, you’ve missed probably the biggest drama in the year of unending drama. First on Thursday, Tee Billz, husband to pop star, Tiwa Savage, went rogue and bashed his wife on Instagram, claiming she’s a bad wife, slept with other entertainers and disrespect him constantly. He also attempted suicide but was rescued by friends including Bankt W, and Peter Okoye.

In a very swift move, Tiwa Savage granted a tell all interview in just over 24 hrs after the incident and dropped some pretty revealing details about their marriage. In the interview she alleges that Tee Billz is the one responsible their marriage being over, claiming he stole from her, does cocaine, has yet another kid, and owes some N45 million. It is pretty damning stuff. 

The reactions from twitter have been mixed. Those that shocked, sympathetic, and angry at the thought that Tee Billz did so much to his wife. Oh yea, and those in it for the jokes.

If you haven’t yet, you can watch it below: 


  1. Chai….. The bill y do u have to do did to our African Beyonce…. A whole Tiwa…. Nawaohhhh… Is very obvious u don’t really know who you have as a wife… Bloody ingrate

  2. Some crazy ass be there posting nonsense not knowing their wahala is there waiting for them.
    We don’t have to judge them,the best we can do is encourage her to figure out a way to sort things out with Tee billz instead of blaming her for unnecessary things..well my only wish is for lovely TIWA SAVAGE to get along with Tee Billz and those wishing her bad luck should stop because we never can tell.
    Who knows FREEZE with his Fat ass I never knew he could be as rude as fuck cause I pity him he should go look for solution to his FAT PIG THIRTY ASS or borrow a nice WIFI or even get his self a better job instead of posting and typing nonsense online


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