How I was discovered by Paul Cleverly after Nigerian Idols audition rejection

Torrus and Seyi Shay
Torrus and Seyi Shay

Nigerian Idol 2021 has been concluded with Kingdom Kroseide as it’s winner. During the audition, we saw the good, bad and, ugly. There were several experiences that would linger on for a while.

One of which is the case of Odueyungbo Olumayowa Victor, who auditioned for the grand price. However, his audition was cut short when Nigerian star, Seyi Shay, discharged him for a ‘horrible performance’.

“Somebody lied to you. Somebody told you to come here and audition. And that person, you should go back and tell them that they are not your friend,” Seyi told Mr Victor.

Ms Shay later came under immense fire for the way she spoke to the contestant.

After such an experience, Odueyungbo Olumayowa Victor who goes by the stage name ‘Torrus’, teamed up with music producer, Paul Cleverly, to release a new single ‘No Excuses’.

Meanwhile, Torrus has spoken exclusively to JAGUDA about his family, music life, Seyi Shay experience and how he battled social media trolls.

Torrus is 18 years old. Both parents are from Ogun State.

He is currently studying Mass Communication at Babcock University. He is a 100 level student.

Torrus says his favorite color is Black. He is a singer and song writer.

Read interview excerpts below.

JAGUDA: How did music find you?

TORRUS: I started music when I was 6. I used the be in a school choir and then we were all asked to sing on a particular note /key. I did and then everyone turned back and starred at me with shock and was like “Wow” you have an Angelic voice. I kept on singing But I didn’t take it seriously till I was 9. Listened to a lot of MJ, Chris Brown mostly pop and RnB then. It got to a point I decided I’d like to be a singer. Wanted to make people have that same joy/happiness I feel when I sing.

JAGUDA: Why Mass Communication?

TORRUS: Initially, I wanted to study music but my aunt which is also my mum advised me not to go into one field. She said “the world is diverse don’t just stick to one thing, have a second choice”. I then thought of it. I chose Mass Comm.. In a way it still compliments my music. She still keeps supporting me.

JAGUDA: So family is very supportive?

TORRUS: Yes they are. My dad always sends me this motivational messages every time about how I should never stop or give up.

JAGUDA: How many times have you auditioned for Idols?

TORRUS: Just once.

JAGUDA: So we watched the moment Seyi Shay wrote you off. Tell us about that experience.

TORRUS: Well at first, when going I was excited that I was opportune to sing in front on amazing artist such as Seyi Shay.

But I was tensed cuz it’s my first time doing something like that. Throughout the day I was down. But Aunty ,which is also my mum, was cheering me up that “don’t feel sad at least it’s your first try plus she added she believes in me and shouldn’t stop”.

JAGUDA: Will you audition again?

TORRUS: No I won’t. I’m just beginning my musical journey. On a great journey to discovering my sound. Making the world connected with my music, making people Happy.

JAGUDA: Would it be fair to say, the ‘Seyi Shay experience’ has turned you down?

TORRUS: No, actually I’m really grateful for her. She’s just motivated me to go further and keep going.

JAGUDA: How did you react to the memes and jokes on social media? How did you cope?

TORRUS: TBH when I saw them wasn’t happy of what I saw. Got a lot of negative comments. But to it all if you know yourself and what you’re made off, no one can define who you are just ‘You’.

It just motivated me to keep working on myself, my craft and my music.

JAGUDA: I see you and Cleverly have done something together. How did that work out?

TORRUS: Cleverlee reached out to me, he told me he saw potentials and also added he believes in me and I can be a better version of myself.

I was given the opportunity to meet him, did a song called “No Excuses”. Since then I’ve been so grateful to him because an amazing experience I will always want to remember.

JAGUDA: “No Excuses” what motivated that, is there a reason for the song?

TORRUS: Well yes.

JAGUDA: Ok! What’s the reason?

TORRUS: I liked this girl (which I don’t want to mention) so much that I wrote a song on it for her. Paul Cleverlee said I should listen to some beats and then make some songs on it. Fortunately, the beat sounded familiar to the song I had made then boom.

The song states “our love no fee die for nothing”, me telling her if we’re together, “ain’t gonna let you down”.

JAGUDA: What to expect from you, EP, album?

TORRUS: For now i’ll just say “be anticipated”, follow my socials to keep up.

JAGUDA: Finally, who do you look up too in the industry and who would you love to work with?

TORRUS: Wow there are so many talented artist I look up too and I’d also love to work with like Burna Boy, Tems, Wizkid, Lojay, Omah Lay, Davido and so many other talented artist.

Then internationally I’d love to work with Drake, Beyonce, Rihanna, Tory Lanez and so many other talented artist.

JAGUDA: What does ‘Torrus’ stand for?

TORRUS: The name Torrus was coined from my first name VICTOR. Victor means Victorious. I took the “TORIOUS”, removed the ‘I & O’ and added another ‘R’ which is “TORRUS”.




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