“Hiphop Award Is Just Worth 20k. I Can Buy One When I Want” – Cossy Orjiakor Blasts HipHop World Magazine


Actress Cossy Orjiakor is not finding what HipHop World Magazine said about her funny, and she has taken to twitter to blast them in a major way.

Apparently in an article, the magazine called Cossy Orjiakor a C-list actress, and questioned why she should be mentoring anyone in the first place, and took it a step further to say all she has for her fame is her boobs. LOL. We cant disagree with too many points sha.

Cossy hit back saying that the movie she did 6-7 years ago is still making headlines. Well when you have sex with a dog that tends to be etched in the wall of fame for ever and ever.

Check out the rest of her tweets





  1. HipHop World hit her where it hurt but I can’t say they were lying. The babe is one of the most useless things to ever appear in Nigeria

  2. I love Cossy jor. Why are you guys hating on her too much? God has blessed her and una no want make she shine.

  3. Babe my advice for is to stop showing us this your expired stretch mark boobs, that will not makes you get the headies award I know that is what you think. God bless you as you do that cox is retating


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