“All You Haters Are Full Of Sh*t”; Davido and Moe Musa Respond To Critics Of The New ‘Official’ Skelewu Video


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For those that don’t know there is a new improved Skelewu video after the first video – that leaked by the way – was pretty much bashed by Davido, and he came out to say he didn’t think the Sesan directed video was good enough.

At the same time, he announced that Moe Musa would be directing the new video, and a little over a week after the announcement, the new skelewu video was released last night and there were a lot of different reactions from fans and critics.

Some thought the video was great and much better… Some thought it was trash, and some people even said the best video was the instructional video put out earlier as an instruction on how to do the dance.

Well Davido & Moe Musa have come out to answer the critics. Check out some of their tweets




Davido didn’t have as many things to say, as he kept his short and sweet


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