Has Harrysong’s Exit Affected KCee’s Ability In Releasing A Hit Tune?


This is not for a fact but lets see how it guides your judgment with regards to the KCee-Harrysong saga and who actually has the talent.

A brief intro to the beef…..

So, allow me take you down memory lane. The whole saga kicked-off in 2016 when Harry decided in November, 2016 to flag off his own imprint dubbed “Alter Plate“. He categorically stated that there was no bad blood between both parties, that is, Five Star Music and the newly found Alter Plate.

But he went back on his words revealing some bitter truth. The Beta Pikin singer pin pointed “lack of appreciation” as the main reason he decided to leave Five Star Music. That sparked up as series of clap backs leading to police arrest and also court papers flying left, right and center.

Fans were excited at the new move (Alter Plate) which did not last long as it seemed like Harry’s world was gradually crumbling.

But for a split second, we thought, OK, Harrysong has decided to be the prodigal son and with his tail between his legs, he ran back to Five Star Music. That was short lived as well.

Enough of the story. I am more interested in Harrysong’s claim that he was responsible for writing majority of the songs from the Five Star Music camp, not just writing but also vocal coaching and serving as a music director while with the label.


Lets’ analyze the time period Harrysong joined Five Star Music and his exit period. Lets put in mind the number of hits they produced during Harry’s time with them.


Released in 2013 off his Take Over album, this was a massive hit for KCee at the time, still flows with the music trend. However, Harrsong has openly given credit to himself for helping his colleague in writing the lyrics to the song.


A collaboration between KCee, Harrysongs and Skiibi which was released in 2015, surely has the rhythm and denotation of a Harrysong tune. Since he claimed he was also a music director while with the label, sure looks like his hands were all over this one.

Bureau De Changer

Another Harrysong look alike but yeah, we grooved to the tune. Dropped in February, 2016, KCee kicked off the year with the gyration tune produced by Dr Amir.

ALKAYIDA ft Timaya

Produced by Doctor Amir and also featuring Timaya, KCee, granted his fans another enjoyable tune back in 2015. However, does it have a finger of Harrysong in it? just maybe..!!

Haven looked at songs from KCee with Harrysong in play, let’s list a series of enjoyable tunes released by the Alter Plate boss. Although, some may classify him as a “Beer Palour Singer”, you know wah ah mean…!!!

Samankwe ft Timaya, Comsa ft Del B and the most recent, Arabanko which really sounds like a clap back at Five Star Music [empty gallon wey I help fill water].

Now compare the popularity of these songs with KCee’s new tunes since Harrysongs exit (Not that the songs are not cool and all but just a comparison); Desire, We Go Party ft Olamide and Romantic Call.

Who has the talent, KCee or Harrysong?

Now, this begs the question, who has the talent? KCee or Harrysong?. Given the split, could we suggest that Harrysongs tunes have thrived and garnered more popularity than that of KCee?


It would not be a crime at all if KCee actually gets himself another songwriter, I mean, a lot of artist do it, it’s simply nothing new.

In my own opinion, KCee has given us some good stuffs in the past but really mehn!!, what is he up to these days?!!

All the same, were all tired of the back and front movement from both parties. Its either they come together and settle their differences like men or just go their separate ways quietly.

The beef is becoming too cliché….!!!



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