Hallelujah! Maybe Singer Chidinma Is Suddenly Born Again


While Chidinma may have been on hiatus and kept her fans uncertain about her music direction just maybe something else was in the mix.

The petite singer officially came back with a new single “Fallen in love“. A little fuss sparked as we were led to believe her latest single must have been inspired by highlife singer, Flavour. There was an assumption that Chidinma maybe head over heels for Flavour (at least so it seems) as she deleted all photos from her Instagram page safe for those she shared with the male singer. As rumours went round about her possible relationship with Flavour, the petite singer yanked off all photos  with she had with him.

Away from that, recently since Chidinma made a return to music and active social media engagement, the singer has been rather pious with her post on Instagram.

Lately she seems to have joined Lynxxx who professed finding his purpose and being born again. Everything seems clear as Chidinma made a repost of Lynxxx’ Instagram updates, which centers on finding your purpose on earth. Aside from re-posting Lynxxx’ updates she has been putting up post that suggests she is suddenly born again. Good thing I must confess.

Here are some of her most recent posts on instagram.

On that day it will not matter how many people like you or how popular you are. The riches and possessions you have acquired will be meaningless.
Our opinion, culture, race or religion will not matter, On that day only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is all that will matter… Those souls are waiting…#Selah#MARANATHA




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