Grace Amah Opens Up On Her Relationship With Jimi Agbaje


Grace Amah who is a talented Nollywood Actress and a beautiful mother of a four year old boy. In a recent interview with Encomium, she described how she is patiently waiting for God’s time to settle down Why she has also been away from the movies. She also addressed the allegations of she being in an intimate relationship with the Lagos PDP governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje and also talked about her four year old below

What is new for Grace Amah?

What is new for Grace Amah? As usual it’s a new year, new vision and sustained focus. I will focus on my project of attending to the needy in society, promote issues that will help keep away our society from the domination of the privileged at the expense of the poor. I want to drive a vision where everyone in society will be proud to identify with that society and willingly contribute to the building of the society in all ramifications. I want to remain as role model to the young ones that holds the key to the future of the society tomorrow.

Would you say you are fully back to Nollywood?

I am fully back to Nollywood. I never left Nollywood. I only needed to give the desired attention to the family which is the primary constituency of every human person. But I am fully back now. You will begin to see my new movies in due course because I’m getting busier.

Your son is four. How does it feel?

My son would be four years next month. That was the reason you were not seeing me on screen as usual. It’s a joy of every mother to see her child in good health and in a peaceful home.

What is your relationship with his father?
My son’s father is fine. There is no problem. What is important is not relationship per se but the welfare or well being of the child. And I can confirm that my son is growing great and doing very well in school.

What is your level of involvement in Mr Jimi Agbaje’s campaigns?

What you see drumming support for Jimi Agbaje with me and other artists is borne out of long time desire for alternative government in Lagos state. We did not just start campaigning for Jimi Agbaje because of this election. We started as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) promoting what we vision as a New Lagos where education is not a slogan but a reality. A state that is not in the pocket of one man but a state that belongs to Lagosians who are Nigerians from different walks of life and from different parts of the country who live and pay their taxes in the state.

We desire a new Lagos where the dignity of man is of high premium and infrastructure is not only given the due attention it deserves in all nooks and crannies of the state but must be working. Lagos State has the highest internally generated revenue in the whole federation yet many social facilities are not working.


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