Ghen Ghen! WizKid Goes Off On Upcoming Act On Twitter


This is not a sub from EME’s starboy, this is a full blown shotgun blast! WizKid apparently irritated by some comment by upcoming act, Fresh L, fired instantly “Fuck that nigga Fresh L,his crew,Label,management and every1 else that lied to him about his wack ass career!“.

Whoa!!! Ok 2pac!

He continued by adding “***some wack nigga i just made famous with one tweet!…” when asked by a fan who Fresh L was.

So what did Fresh L say? Not entirely sure of the whole story but it seems Fresh L might have made a comment eluding to the fact that his label mate, BOJ based in the UK is better than WizKid. Again, we’re not sure if that’s all he said but that’s what we do know so far.

We could talk about all the tweets but it’s much better to just show you, right? Here is a screen shot.

With all this publicity something tells me, Fresh L aint really complaining. No publicity is bad publicity right?




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