Ghanaian Socialite Nayele Ametefe Sentenced To 8 Years In Jail For Cocaine Trafficking


Ghanaian socialite Nayele Ametefe has been sentenced to jail for 8 years after being convicted of cocaine trafficking in a UK court.

The Isleworth Crown Court in the UK passed the judgement Tuesday afternoon to the 32-year old who is believed to be very well connected to a lot of top politicians in Ghana.

According to reports, she was aided by three Ghanaian security and foreign affairs officials who are also standing trial in Ghana. At the time she was arrested she was in possession of over 1.9 millions pounds worth of cocaine, and $23,000 & 6000 poounds in cash.

Nayele is also an Austrian citizen and is said that she’ll return to Austria after serving her jail sentence as opposed to going back to Ghana.


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