OAP’s, elDee And Nigerian Artists: Drawing the battle lines



If you missed COSON and BON palava read HERE Because of on-going dispute with the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) several Nigerian artists have been banned by the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON) and the Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria (IBAN)

The annual Nigeria Broadcasters Merit Awards (NBMA 2013) took place yesterday, Sunday, December 8 2013 at the NECCA House Ikeja with the gathering of Broadcasters across the country. At the gathering, On Air Personalities shown they have drawn a battle line with Eldee The Don and others. They were Unhappy with Eldee’s statements on the ongoing face off between COSON and BON the OAP’s noted.

Today Freeze CoolFM corners eLDee’s position on BON/IBAN artists ban. He politely disagreed with eLDee’s position and believes that the already established artists will also be affected by the ban.

The battle lines are drawn!

Do you think established acts will be affected by the ban?


  1. It goes beyond the established acts being affected… The industry will be affected, when the upcoming acts become established, they’ll also demand Pay for their Work! However, Eldee was too rough in making His point…


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