#FreeOmahLay: Ugandan Singer Curses Nigerians

Cindy Sanyu
Cindy Sanyu used to illustrate the story [Photo credit: Olisa TV]

Ugandan singer, Cindy Sanyu, has reacted to widespread outrage following her careless statement where she referred to Omah Lay as an “idiot”.

Her comment came with backlash from Nigerians who found her remarks derogatory. 

In a recent post on Instagram, the singer returned curses rained on her by Nigerians. 

Nobody has the right to come to my country and encourage the spread of corona no matter who you think you are. People are dying every day and if you have any respect for human life you will stay home or sanitize and wear a mask in a crowded place. May all your curses and evil spells return to you in Jesus name Amen#CoronaIsReal#NoRegretsHere#GodIsFaithful,” she said.


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Her comments and backlash follow the arrest of Nigerian singers, Omah Lay and Tems, who were charged in a Ugandan court for breaking COVID-19 protocols. 

The news was followed by social media campaigns to free the embattled singers with the hashtags #FreeOmahLay and #FreeTems. 

Earlier today, Ugandan singer, Bebe Cool, who was suspected to have spearheaded their arrest announced that the embattled singers had regained their freedom. 


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