#FreeOmahLay: Ugandan Female Singer Mocks Omah Lay, Calls Him “Idiot”


Cindy Sanyu, a Ugandan female singer, has mocked Nigerian act Omah Lay after being arrested in her country.

Listening to a gospel song from Nigeria’s Gabriel Eziashi ‘Aka Jehova’, the singer said she has “something on her mind” and felt the need to share.

She explained that since the lockdown, due to the pandemic, Ugandan artiste’s have been trying to stay calm as the government had blocked most avenue’s of income in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“In all our silence, a foreigner, had a concert in this country and filled up a concert where there’s no social distancing, no face masks.”

She went on to call Omah Lay an ”Idiot” for posting the successful concert on social media in Uganda.

As we speak, Omah Lay and Tems are currently in custody by the Ugandan government. However, the Nigerian government has announced its zeal to get them released and back to the country in good time.

Watch clip below.


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