Forbes List: Drake in, 50 Cent out The 2016 “5 Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists”


American star rapper, Drake joins Jay Z, Birdman, Dr. Dre & Sean Combs as he successfully Bounced 50 Cent off the Forbes list. Drake swoops in with a net worth of $60 million to make the list.  The $60 million is from touring, music and deals with the likes of Nike, Sprite and Apple.

The Canadian born rapper once said he planned to make $250 million by the time he was 29. With less than a year left before he turns 30, he’s the first newcomer to crack the Forbes Five.

For years, the list has been about the same five people – Birdman, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z and 50 Cent but since 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy last year, he has been knocked off the list.

Forbes 2016 list – Diddy boasts of a staggering fortune of $750 million, Dr Dre comes in a close second with $710 million dollars. Jay Z ranks third in the race with $610 million and chief Birdman ranks fourth with $110 million.

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