Fireboy kissed I didn’t — Peruzzi


‘Southy Love’ by DMW’s Peruzzi featuring Fireboy was a banger and is still being enjoyed as we speak.

However, after the video’s release, a certain twitter fan demanded that Peruzzi paid Fireboy a million naira for the video.

“Peruzzi suppose wake up dey send Fireboy 1M naira every fuckin day for what Fireboy did on “Southy Love”,” he said.

Peruzzi’s response was hilarious. He suggested that Fireboy enjoyed the video more that he (Peruzzi) did and needed no payment.

“He Kissed In The Video, I Didn’t. That’s Enough Abeg.”

‘Southy Love’ is off Peruzzi’s debut album ‘Rum and Boogie’.

See tweets below.


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