Finding Johnny: Yemi Alade And Trey Songz Show Off Amazing Chemistry


Who knows, our favorite girl Yemi Alade may be getting really close to finding her Johnny and perhaps locking him down for good.

For sometime now songstress and diva Yemi Alade is somewhere in Kenya more precisely Nairobi. Where she is having her Coke Studio sessions. Earlier we reported a story on the music star having a good meal of jollof rice with Trey Songz amongst others.

But the story may not have ended there, as some uploads from the singer’s social media accounts reveal something more. Some of her uploads have subtly revealed this enviable and amazing chemistry with American singer Trey Songz who is also a guest on the coke studio session.

It looks like the both artistes are enjoying each others company. This is what we found.

Check out these photos and videos:

Eating Jollof rice with smiles.

Trey Songz and Yemi Alade eat jollof rice

What on earth would Yemi Alade be talking about that holds Trey Songz spellbound?



Yemi Alade can be spotted sitting right next to Trey Songz at Press Conference .


More from the dinning table.


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