FESTIVAL SPORTS “Sponsored by Gidi Culture Festival”


Calling All Sports Fans!

It’s no secret that we Nigerians love to play and engage in sports at any given opportunity. We find children playing on football fields or turning streets into football fields. You can also find avid golfers using a simulator like the mevo plus golf launch monitor to practice their golf swing at home.

Shouts can be heard from almost every corner during major football matches, whether matches are watched from the comfort of ones own home, or a sports bar or restaurant. Though mostly, people are deftly tuned into the radio, or peering at the closest television.

Given our love for sport, the lack of communal opportunities to play is surprising. There are few public leagues and the few that do exist could hardly meet public demand if they were organized in an appealing fashion.

One major upcoming opportunity for sports fans of all ages is the quickly approaching Gidi Culture Festival, which is holding on April 4th, 2015. The Gidi Culture Festival will have daytime activities which include beach football and beach volleyball. Both sports will consist of four teams each – two fan teams and two celebrity teams.

So, sports fans, here is your chance to finally get a good game in. There’s no better place to be on April 4th as Gidi Culture Festival attendees will also get to enjoy tons of activities including amazing food, art installations, a FunZone and, of course, tons of music from your favorite African artists.

Watch out for announcements on how to join the sports teams, and keep up with all things GCFest at gidiculturefestival.com!


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