Female Singer, Zara Gretti’s Grave Missing At Ikoyi Cemetery


Nigerian female act, Zara Gretti  who died March 28th, last year after battling Multiple Sclerosis  for years before finally given up the ghost is now missing in her grave.  A NET reporter who went to Ikoyi Cemetery to see her grave in preparation of their report on her 1st death anniversary got the shock of his life when Zara’s grave was missing despite searching the whole of the cemetery. The cemetery attendant also confirmed to the reporter that she was actually buried there on the 4th of April, 2014 according to their register. The reporter said below

In preparation for the one year anniversary of her death, NET paid a visit to the Ikoyi Cemetery, Lagos where Zara was buried on Thursday, March 19, 2015, and the following shocking discoveries were made:

Cemetery register confirms Zara’s burial: This reporter visited Ikoyi Cemetery office, Lagos. After getting the details of the actual place her remains were interred, an extensive search of the cemetery records and register revealed that Zara Gretti was indeed, buried at the Ikoyi Cemetery on Friday, April 4, 2014. According to the register, her grave was in Section five of the cemetery….

Curiosity was fully pricked though, when the attendant, identified as the secretary of the facility who attended to this reporter asked absent-mindedly: ‘Do you know if this was the third or fourth time that particular grave was used?’ The quick response was that I was not around when she was brought for burial; hence there was no way I could know about that….

Official could not locate her tomb: After the register had confirmed that she was indeed buried at the cemetery, we proceeded to the grounds. On getting to the area identified as Section Five by the official, it was shocking to find out that Zara’s tomb could not be found.

2-hour search proved abortive: Upon insisting on seeing the tomb, we continued to search, but the time spent proved fruitless. We can reveal exclusively that Zara Gretti’s grave is missing….

Referring to his question on how many times the tomb had been used. The official was quick to deny that any such thing ever happens at all. ‘We don’t ever use a grave for another corpse once someone has been buried there,’ he said, forgetting that he had said something quite contrary earlier.

The official took this reporter’s phone number, promising to call him when he eventually locates the grave. He is yet to do so as at press time. This development raises some disturbing questions….

Do cemetery officials actually exhume bodies of buried people at the cemeteries without duly informing the deceased’s family or getting their approval? What has become of Zara’s grave at Ikoyi Cemetery just one year after she was buried there?… 

May her soul RIP


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