Fans Are Trolling Flavour N’Abania For This Outfit He’s Wearing


Flavour N’Abania was in Chicago this past weekend performing at the annual Umu Igbo Unite convention and was sporting a very interesting outfit. The outfit is a suit-like top but open in the chest area… you know… to reveal his well-defined pecs, and show off his physique.

We already know part of Flavour’s appeal is in his sexual energy, but this time, some fans were quick to jump on him about the outfit. One fan even went as far as saying he’s showing off his cleavage, and another felt he was just trying to do too much. Man these trolls can really go in.

Flavour has a way of attracting all kinds of comments on his page, and this one shouldn’t be new to him. But there’s always more good than bad, and with that killer performance he delivered in Chicago, I highly doubt he’ll be worried about what some have to say on his Instagram page. But we’re curious to know what you guys think about the outfit. Too much? Or just part of being an entertainer?

And by the way, if you ever have the opportunity to see Flavour perform live, do yourself a favour and make sure you go.

Check out some of the crazy comments people left:

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