Falz says Sanwo-Olu’s Peace Walk Invitation is a Disrespectful Joke


Uber Talented Nigerian Artiste, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz, has joined the group of Nigerians rejecting Lagos governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s invitation for a peace walk. 

The Artiste who is said to be walking in the same Iconic footsteps of his forbears has said that the suggestion is a joke and a very disrespectful one. 

“This suggestion of a “walk for peace” sounds like a joke and a very disrespectful one at that. People were murdered in cold blood and absolutely no iota of justice has been served more than a year after. How can there be peace without justice? #EndSARS,” Falz wrote in a series of tweets. 

Falz was included in Mr Sanwo-Olu’s list of invitees for his proposed peace walk which he announced in his speech earlier today.

Falz has however in turn said that apart from the charade the governor is hoping to carry out through the walk, the state has no commitment to giving justice to the victims.

“In this same speech, you said “To be a smart city, we first must be a just one”. Remember the young Nigerians that had their lives snatched away by weapons wielded by our own armed forces? You want to sweep that under the carpet? Is that how to establish a just city? #ENDSARS,” Falz added. 

He also reiterated that police brutality and violation of rights persist across the state and the government pretends to be unaware. 

“Young Nigerians, till today, are still being constantly harassed and extorted by police officers!! You were awfully quiet about that. Or are you not aware? #ENDSARS,” he wrote.



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