“Eyebrows Are Not My Priority In Life” Lola Okoye Replies A Mouthy Fan


One of the wives of the Okoye Brothers Lola Omotayo-Okoye shared a photo on her Instagram and a fan who has been monitoring her makeup skills went on to diss her on how she applies her makeup. The mother of two lovely children responded in a very calm and polite manner. Read below

The fan said

“Ur a beauty to behold but u should learn how to draw your eyebrows yourself asides the professional touch… I noticed the ones u draw on yourself are usually not nice.”

Lola Replied

Eyebrows are not my priority in life. I never claimed to be a pro at makeup and frankly I am happy with my not-so-perfect brows. If they bother you so much, go look at someone else’s brows hun.”

The fan named Romachique later apologized for her fowl comment. She said

“Awww! So sorry!!! Didn’t mean to offend you, I’m ever your biggest fan! Eyebrows or not you’re forever pretty and classy, and I admire you for that!.”



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