Exclusive: Wizkid Has A Personal Resentment Towards Me – NorthBoi


One of our Top 5 Nigerian music producers in 2019, NorthBoi in an exclusive interview reveals his chance meeting with Wizkid and getting to produce smash hits for the Starboy.

During the past weeks, what would be a viable music relationship between NorthBoi and Wizkid degenerated in a shocking fashion and the young music producer shares his own end of the story. He throws a little light about how he has been treated by the Starboy and what’s left of their musical partnership.

Jaguda: Who is NorthBoi?

NorthBoi: I’m Ezra Onozutua, a music producer from Kogi State who was born and raised in Kano. I studied Building Technology at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi.

Jaguda: For someone who studied Building Technology how did you get into music production?

NorthBoi: I started making beats in the university about 7 years ago. I sold some of my beats to make it through school at the time.

Jaguda: How did you get to meet and work with Wizkid?

NorthBoi: Ceeza Milli went to play songs for Wiz on a good day, and played a record he did on the ‘Soco‘ instrumental. Wiz fell in love and asked after me. He got my number and called me.

In case you missed it, NorthBoi has had a hand in three of Wizkid’s most recent hit songs. He produced ‘Soco‘, co-produced ‘Fever‘ with Blaq Jerzee and most recently ‘Joro‘.

Jaguda: Everyone is getting on the ‘Joro’ wave, how did it happen production-wise?

NorthBoi: After producing ‘Joro’ beats, I sent it over to Wizkid for his recording.

Jaguda: How often have you had a personal recording session with the Starboy?

NorthBoi: We have recorded together many times.

Jaguda: On September 13, you tweeted in admiration of DMW, while you work with Starboy Entertainment. What inspired your tweet?

NorthBoi: It was a personal admiration for the crew. I’m a big fan of unity.

Jaguda: What triggered the infamous misunderstanding with Wizkid as it trended on Twitter?

NorthBoi: I have never before seen where an artiste is promoting a song and another producer (Killertunes).

Jaguda: Don’t you think the Starboy was going to get to your turn eventually?

NorthBoi: It really goes beyond that.

Jaguda: Do you think Wizkid has secretly nursed any form of resentment towards you?

NorthBoi: I think he really does. I have never had a word of encouragement from him before. I think he is a great person but not just towards me.

Jaguda: Perhaps you’re just a beatmaker and not part of the ‘family’?

NorthBoi: Yes, maybe.

Jaguda: Do you work on a contractual basis per song or there is a long term agreement with Starboy Entertainment?

NorthBoi: We have a contract per song. However, getting the contract for ‘Joro’ / ‘Blessings’ was a war but it was eventually resolved. I went to the house and we talked and I apologized and everything was fine or so I thought. Sadly, when we made newer songs and I brought up the contract issue he started a new war. I really don’t think I want to continue like that, the creative battle is enough war for me.

Jaguda: You tweeted about the Starboy pulling a gun at you. How did things degenerate to that level?

NorthBoi: I won’t speak on that but it was during the ‘Joro’ war.

Jaguda: Have you guys resolved your issues?

NorthBoi: There is no more resolving to be done.

Jaguda: For the Wizkid’s ‘Made In Lagos’ album, it is reckoned that you made lots of input.

NorthBoi: Yes I made my input.

Jaguda: Will we still have NorthBoi’s production on it?

NorthBoi: Maybe, for the ones we’ve cleared during the first altercation. ‘Joro’, ‘Blessings’ & ‘Sarah’s Song’. At this point, even the Damian Marley record is not a guarantee because he still hasn’t paid or been in communication.

Jaguda: Since there is for payment for Damian Marley’s collaboration, who is in possession of the track?

NorthBoi: Wizkid is in possession of that record. However, until the producer is paid and he signs the contract the composition belongs to him. That’s international standard, I can sell the beat if I want.

Jaguda: You exchanged words with Killertunes on Twitter, any issues?

NorthBoi: There is no issue between the both of us. Killertunes made some untrue allegations that was why I came for him too. I’m his fan, I love him. Hopefully, he’d get to love me too. because I don’t know where his bitterness for me is coming from

Jaguda: After Wizkid which top artiste would you like to work with, in Nigeria?

NorthBoi: I’m open to working with everyone, but I do love to work with Burna Boy.

Jaguda: Which artiste do you currently admire at the moment in Nigeria?

NorthBoi: Oh My Gosh! Rema.


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