Ex BBA Contestant Elikem Revealed How He Paid $25, 000 For Pokello’s Bride Price


Elikem Kumordzi who got married to his BBA sweetheart Pokello Nare last weekend in an interview with Peace FM revealed clearly on the amount he paid for his wife’s bride price. The fashion designer said he paid $25, 000 for Pokello’s bribe price which is approximately 5million naira..all I have to say is fantastic lol..in his words He said

“I initially didn’t want to make this information public but people are getting figures wrong so I want to correct it. The lobola (Bride price for a traditional marriage in Zimbabwe) was 25,000 US Dollars. A deposit of 20,000 US Dollars was paid on Saturday and the 5,000 US Dollars balance is to be paid by the white wedding”

“I paid a lot of money and before you pay such money for a lady’s hand in marriage you have to be sure she’s the one. Otherwise you will be a silly young man throwing a lot of money away. So it feels good to be married to the right woman. It feels amazing. No mistakes or regrets whatsoever”

And here we are thinking it is only in Mbaise, Imo State that the price of taking a wife is like building a house and have it well furnished. Anyways, with this amount spent on just bride price, Elikem will be very protective of his wife and Pokello will definitely be a good wife so she doesn’t end up paying back…LOL

Congratulations to them once again


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