Emma Nyra Marks 32nd Birthday In Colorful Fashion

emma nyra 32nd birthday

Nigerian singer-songwriter, actress and model, Emma Nyra is a year older today July 18th,2020. The yummy mummy to two adorable twins turns 32 today and to mark this memorable occasion Emma shared a few colorful photos on social media.

Nyra is also using this day to celebrate not only herself but women and also mothers all over the world.

emma nyra 32nd birthday

She says:

Today I want to celebrate all the women who have made sacrifices in order to secure their goals and their families. My transition to motherhood was such a drastic change from being in the studio and going on tour. There were many times when I wanted to give up and succumb to the pressure of keeping myself together and looking perfect to the world, when inside I was absolutely exhausted.

I still wake up some days wondering if I can handle the pressure of being the perfect mother and balance my career, but I’ve come to realize that my perfection is in my will to be the best woman I can be. I’m allowed to stumble and fall as long as I get back up again.

I feel so blessed to be able to be a mother and continue to share my gifts with the world, and I commend all the women who don’t feel appreciated or celebrated enough.

Our mistakes and imperfections make us perfect and unique. Today I toast to you and I celebrate you, my courageous and fearless sisters!

See more photos from her color-themed birthday shoot:

emma nyra 32nd birthday
emma nyra birthday
emma nyra birthday
emma nyra 32nd birthday



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