Duncan Mighty: “My Wife Tried To Kill Me, Take All My Properties”


Nigerian musician, singer, and producer, Duncan Mighty is currently the topic of discussion on social media and it’s for all the wrong reasons.

In a lengthy post shared on his Instagram page, the self-acclaimed ‘Port Harcourt First Son’, Duncan Mighty alleged that his wife and mother of his two children, Vivian confessed to him that she connived with her family members to try to inflict him with an illness through diabolical means so they could inherit his properties.

The singer said that his wife once called him on a fateful day to praise him and that he was very moved to the point of inviting her to one of his sites where he presented her with land documents and other juicy gifts.

Duncan said his woman was pleased and said they should spend the night at one of his other apartments away from the kids. The singer then said that it was during the night that he heard her breathing heavily and that when he asked what was wrong, his wife started to confess.

During the confession, his wife disclosed how she was told to do certain things by a ‘juju man’ which included her cutting his toe and fingernails and bringing them to him. Duncan claimed his wife was unable to do that because some forces started to attack her and made her confess.

The musician said that after his wife came out of her trance, she realized he was recording her and angrily left the apartment. Duncan said he called her mother and she also shouted at him on the phone.


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