Dr. Dre Threatens to Sue Sony Pictures Should They Release “Surviving Compton; Dre, Suge & Michel’le”


Dr. Dre has sounded a clear cut warning to Sony Pictures should they release the movie titled “Surviving Compton; Dre, Suge & Michel’le” which portrays the highly revered producer and hip hop power house as a woman beater.

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre and his legal team have warned that the movie not be aired or else face the penalty that comes after. It would also interest you that the legal team has also warned Michel’le to back off from filing any legal case against the producer.

Not only so, Dr. Dre has also denied laying hands on Michel’le who he dated 30 years back as she did not report any case of violence to the police or undergo medical treatment as regards an assault on her. It was reported that the movie depicts Dr. Dre as a violent person who beat up Michel’le by pulling her hair, punching and pulling out a gun on her.

The movie is been rumored to be released next week.





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