‘Dr Dre Is Not The Reason Chocolate City Ain’t Shit’ – Angry Mob


It seems the unresolved tension between Nigerian rapper, Jude Abaga, popularly known as MI, and his former manager, Obinna Agwu (@d_angrymob) is far from over as a recent tweet shared by the latter has exposed a new angle to their rift.

The new altercation started after MI commented on Obinna’s Instagram post where he shared his most recent publication titled “Why artist-owned labels fail in Nigeria.”

MI faulted Obinna’s recent piece, saying it lacked insight, objectivity, research and understanding.

“Quotes the Bible in saying people suffer for a lack of knowledge then proceeds to show a lack of knowledge and understanding in the article itself. This is not the reason at all.. the critical factor is the ecosystem simple.. Dr Dre does not survive without the Interscope infrastructure behind him. When we stop looking small picture and start understanding how talented and resourceful people have given… you cannot wrong water from a rock then we will start to have real conversations about the music business. Poor piece. Lack of insight, objectivity, research and understanding,” MI said.

Obinna on the other hand replied saying “@mi_abaga Dr dre is not the reason Chocolate city ain’t shit. The ecosystem is not the reason you have ruined the lives of nearly all the 15 artistes cc had on its roster when you became ceremonial head. You don’t know the first thing about the business, sit your ass down. If the ecosytstem is stifling you, get the fuck out of the business and try something else. If you were half as good at ruining sorry running a label as you are at making excuses you wouldn’t be faffing around in my comments. If you want to learn a thing or two i’m always here to help you. E say na ecosystem, magic system nko? 😂😂😂

This is definitely not the first time both of them are going at each other publicly.

JAGUDA earlier reported how MI Abaga told Obinna to own his bad belle after the latter twitted and advised artists not to sign with Chocolate City.

The estrangement between both parties started after Warner Music Group (WMG) announced a pioneering partnership with Chocolate City.


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