“I Don’t Have His Time Anymore” – Sarz Speaking On WizKid


WizKid seems to be catching a lot of heat from his colleagues recently. First Saeon called him out for his lack of effort on their single together, then Samkelf who produced most of his debut album also called him out, and now the latest person to do so is producer Sarz. Sarz has worked with WizKid on numerous hits including, Jaiye Jaiye, and Beat Of Life.

What Did Sarz Say?

During a twitter chat with user Thoyeshe, he has this to say when questioned about his relationship with WizKid and other things.


So from the tweets above it sounds like whatever WizKid did to offend Sarz must’ve cut pretty deep. To the point that he’s not willing to work with WizKid again.

So What Happened?

According to Saeon’s ex manager Alex Adegbenro, this all started from when Saeon and WizKid were to work together their song, Boogie Down. Apparently the original beat Sarz did, didn’t impress WizKid and he let it be known in a not so friendly way. Saeon and WizKid ended up going with Maleek Berry. This didn’t sit too well with Sarz.

We’re sure more details will come out of this pretty soon, as it’s clear Sarz doesn’t mind voicing his displeasure with WizKid.


  1. Comon guyz so wizkid doesn’t hv the ryt to speak his mind if a beat doesn’t suit him? True I dnt knw hw he did it but I think the fact tat wizkid is young sometimes mk people forget tat he is a mature professional n has evry ryt to his opinions on music, if ny old musician did tat noone would complain but bcoz itz young wizkid u guyz r rumbling MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!


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