‘Don’t Do Business With Disturbing London’ – Wizkid Warns


There’s bad blood between Wizkid and his London handlers Disturbing London. 

It’s a bit of surprise that Wizkid is already at logger head with Tinie Tempah who heads Disturbing London a music management outfit which Wizkid was (is) a part of. It’s even more dramatic because only a few days ago both Tinie Tempah and Wizkid modelled for Dolce and Gabbana in Milan, Italy alongside supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In a very brief tweet Wizkid warned that nobody should do business with Disturbing London and in a follow up tweet said “Bad energy stay far away”. It’s most likely that the relationship between the two parties has broken down in the worst way imagined. The details as regards Wizkid’s fall out with Tinie is still sketchy. More details coming soon.

See his tweets:



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