Don Jazzy Reacts to Rape Allegations Against D’Banj

Don Jazzy and D'Banj.
Don Jazzy and D'Banj.

Don Jazzy has reacted to rape allegations laid against Nigerian entertainer and former label mate, D’Banj.

Don Jazzy, who now leads Mavin Records, took to Twitter to speak on the matter. He urged that justice be done and the accused be given a fair trail.

“No matter how long a lie lasts, the truth will always prevail. The fact is that one of them is a victim and the law will protect that person. I stand firmly against rape and all injustices against women, children and everyone including oppression. I urge all victims to speak out and report to the appropriate quarters.

“It is also important that every accused person is given an opportunity to set the facts straight. For most of us, all we have is the good name our parents have given us and we must protect and bequeath to our own successors.

“This particular case saddens my soul but I am not competent to investigate or judge this matter. I implore the police to thoroughly investigate and courts to do justice,” he wrote.

With the turn of events, the case is now complex. The Nigerian police force arrested the singer’s accuser yesterday. This was confirmed by the lawyers who said they were seeking to bail her.

Later on, lawyers of Ms Babatayo, revealed that their client, under duress, was forced to delete tweets detailing the incident between her and D’Banj. They also said the police forced her to make a new tweet and announce that she would be moving on.

Recent tweets from Ms Babatayo’s account left us confused as she began to promote D’Banj’s recent music.

See tweets below.


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